Nina Campbell’s Tips on setting the Perfect Christmas Table

Nina Campbell’s Tips on setting the Perfect Christmas Table

Nina Campbell Glass & Table Linen

From table linen to colourful wine glasses, Nina shares some of her treasured tips for setting a beautiful Christmas table this year.

Amethyst Wine Glas

Jewel Glass, from £8.99


I like to use all my purple glass at Christmas as it looks so wonderful with gold or silver. You can accentuate the glass with gold or silver embroidered napkins and placemats and masses of candle holders for reflection. I have a gold and purple silk sari that I use as a table cloth which looks perfect with the glass.

Nina Campbell China, from £4.00


Make a thing of Christmas Breakfast when you can open stockings at the same time. Fill a cake stand with little muffins, baby pain au chocolat and croissants to make it seem like a real treat and lay up your breakfast trays beautifully.

Nina Campbell - Optic Tumblers

Optic Tumblers, from £16.00


Instead of using champagne flutes why not put your champagne in an optic tumbler with some ice. Equally for a different take on serving pudding you could have it in one of our colourful tumblers.

Nina Campbell - Jewel Vases

Jewel Vases, from £38.00


Get some magnolia leaves or holly leaves and paint a splattering of them gold and lay them along the middle of your Christmas table. Alternatively fill a glass vase with branches that you can spray gold and use that as a large centrepiece with candles along the table.


Nina Campbell - Jewel Champagne Flutes

Jewel Champagne Flutes, from £20.00

Nina Campbell - Silver Fern Napkin

Silver Fern Napkins, £8.95

Nina Campbell - Optic Champagne Bucket

Optic Champagne Bucket, £95.00

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