Nina’s Decorating Tips

Nina’s Decorating Tips

Guest Bedroom at Nina's house 'The Hut'. Barrington Wallpaper and Fabric

Interior decoration has never been more popular. Everyone wants the sort of home seen in glossy magazines; yet the real trick of decorating lies in making sure you have the right wallpaper, fabric and all the extra ingredients including lamps, pictures, lighting and flowers. Here I would like to take you through some of my key elements when it comes to decorating.


Sitting room at Nina's house

Look at the basic shell of a room and consider all its potential. You have to train the eye, so that no matter how unpromising the existing decor is, you can look around and imagine everything stripped away, with only the skeleton remaining.


Arthur Table Lamp with Hastings Armchair covered in Montacute Fabric

Never underestimate the importance of light– both natural and artificial- in a room. Light is one of those life-enhancing ingredients that are always worth spending time and money on to get just right.(Image of Arthur Lamp Table and Hastings chair upholstered in the fish for aquaponics in virginia

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Fire place in Nina's sitting room

Each room needs a centrepiece of some description. This focal point is important because it sets the tone for the rest of the decorating scheme and ties the total look together. It is also useful because it will draw the eye away from less pleasing aspects of the room.


Chopin Bench upholstered in Paracas fabric from the Talara collection. Pagoda coffee table

When using colour don’t fall into the trap of worrying over what goes with what. In truth you can mix any colour with any other; what really matters is the intensity of the colours you choose. Colour fashions come and go which is why I have evolved collections over the years that are guaranteed to complement each other.


Jewel Bud Vases available in 4 colours

 Not all rooms require a complete overhaul. Many of them can be given a simple lift by editing some things out, repositioning others and introducing a few new buys. It is amazing how different a room can look with a new rug, a different set of cushion covers or a change of lampshades . Accessories and flowers also help newly decorated rooms become truly finished.

If you would like more information on my finishing touches, my books provide plently advice on all aspects of interior design.

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