Nina’s Summer must haves from her online shop

Nina’s Summer must haves from her online shop

My summer must have list from our online shop could be endless so I have decided to share with you some of the key pieces which I have been using this summer. I hope you will find them just as useful too.

When I go to stay with friends abroad I always like to take a thank you gift for their kind hospitality. I always find that table linen is a good choice as it doesn't take up too much room in your bag and weighs very little. My table linen of choice would be our new Hemstitch napkin. It's not fussy and would sit nicely in anyone's home. I particularly love the Hemstitch detail and the colours. Or if you are looking for something very special then look no further than the beautiful English Meadow table mat. I don't think I have come across such beautiful embroidery.

English Meadow Table Mat

I love our new Jewel Vases. I have been using these constantly since they arrived. With all this rain we have been having this summer they are perfect for adding that much needed colour to my home. I have mainly been using the vases on my dining table for when I am entertaining friends. I mix and match the coloured vases and line them down the centre of the table. The great thing about them is that

they are not too high so everyone can still see each other.

Jewel Vases lined down the centre of the table

When the weather is beautiful one of our traditional Welsh blankets will be ideal for picnics. The wonderful thing about these blankets is that they have use come rain or sun! We also have colourful resin salad servers and spoons which are perfect for picnics especially when my grandchildren are around. I try and make my picnics as colourful as possible and always use one of our Perspex fabric trays. Using some of my favourite designs, they are perfect for either at home in the garden and are light enough to take with you on a picnic.

Jewel Champagne Flutes on Pink Bowhill Tray

And let's not forget, we only really get to have a refreshing drink of Pimms and fresh lemonade in the summer and what better way to pour it from than our Optic Jug.

Jewel Optic Jug with Jewel Bud Vase

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