New Furniture Website Just Launched…

New Furniture Website Just Launched…

We have just re-launched the Luxury Furniture part of our website and hope you will go and have a peek. We have made it far more user friendly and a more useful tool for you to use when decorating your own house or if you are an interior designer helping a client.

Each piece of furniture has a printable tear-sheet so you can keep it as a reference or put it on your boards. Lots of beautiful new pieces on-line including new Metal Furniture, Upholstered Chairs and Sofas and High Gloss painted Furniture we have collaborated on with American Furniture Makers, Oomph.

Luxury Furniture

View our luxury furniture collection online and see a few examples below.

Gerome Console, Coffee Table and Side Tables NC for Oomph Side View

Lattic Chair

liszt dressing table